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2017 Best 3D Printer Guide

This is the question we’re asked every week and that led us towards creating our annual guide to the best 3D Printers. The hype might be fading, but the professionalization of desktop machines is moving faster than ever.

Another year, an even bigger guide. This year 8,624 reviews, 915 hours of writing, 4,982 years of experience and 1.14 million 3D prints led to the 2017 3D printer guide.

This year the categories are: Prosumer, Workhorse, Plug ‘N’ Play, Budget and SLS. We also launched a completely new and interactive 3D printer index so you can compare all 3D printers on such things as price, reviews, build size and technology type.

Here's highlights from the guide:

  • Many 3D printer brands are moving away from the hobbyist into the professional market. This is reflected in the overall scores of the 2017 Buyers Guide as print quality and reliability ratings of all winning printers see a significant increase from previous years. Something that had previously remained relatively stable.
  • This years guide features a fully interactive printer index where you can compare all 3D printers by price and reviews. It includes live search and advanced filters so users can easily find the printer they’re looking for.
  • The Ultimaker 2+ becomes one of three winners in the Prosumer category. More importantly, it’s the highest rated printer in the entire guide. All this laid the groundwork for their new Ultimaker 3 machine, which adds soluble support and swappable print cores to its feature set.
  • Formlabs proves once more that industrial print quality is coming to desktop, becoming a winner in the Prosumer category with the Form 2. With their new engineering focussed material line-up and Form 2 machine, they’ve achieved the highest amount of reviews-to-print-quality rating out of all the 3D printers in the guide.
  • Manufacturers that debuted new machines in this year’s guide (Ultimaker 2+, Lulzbot Taz 6, Craftbot+, Form 2) all achieved higher overall scores than their winning predecessors. The number 1 increased metric amongst the compared machines was reliability, up by nearly 10% compared to last year, showing desktop printing is maturing.
  • The Prusa i3 MK2 marks its entry into the guide with the highest rating in the budget category. The MK2’s full mesh bed auto-leveling counteracts any inaccuracies with the level of the printbed, something no other printer is capable of. This gives the MK2 remarkably high print quality ratings, especially considering it’s in the budget category.
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